25 giugno 2008

Mashed '08, la radiotv nell'era della convergenza

Come è andata alla conferenza Mashed '08 organizzata all'Alexandra Palace (storica sede delle prime trasmissioni televisive della BBC, 70 anni fa) e dedicata alle applicazioni convergenti per Radio TV e Internet? Per un reportage andate sul blog degli organizzatori, BBC Backstage

Mashed - it's all over

That's it, another year, another massive event at Alexandra Palace. I spent yesterday mainly sleeping, one and half hours sleep is not conducive to maximum brain power - and may explain why I genuinely jumped out of my skin when the explosion (which I had organised) went off just three feet behind me during the presentations.
It's fair to say that I'm really happy with the way things went - I have some thoughts about how we can make it better next year - but by a long way the feedback we've been getting is extremely positive. The Guardian spent all weekend there, and blogged like crazy over at PDA, Ewan Spence wrote a nice piece about it over at BBC News and the O'Reilly GMT guys went video crazy.
Alan Connor from the BBC Internet blog has put together a pageflakes page - well worth a look. The photos are all over on flickr - tagged mashed08 - just over 1000 at last count
The thing that's made it worthwhile for me though is the quality of the hacks that were presented on the Sunday afternoon - we had just under 50 in total - and I can honestly say there wasn't one I thought was a bit lame, and I know the judges felt the same.

The winners this year:
  • O'Reilly - Team Bob - Subterranean Homesick News
  • Multimap - Twitter on TV
  • Lonely Planet - Michael Stillwell - Fire Eagle and the Lonely Planet API
  • Guardian - CurrentCostLive - Creating a competition out of home user electricity usage
  • Channel 4 - Scripting Enabled - Easy BBC Audio Search and Slideshare
  • Microsoft - Northenders - bablefish + voice synth freeview
  • Overall BBC Best Hack award went to Northenders, bablfish hack
  • BBC Best Effort award went to Social Flight Simulator
I was also going to list all the entries - but Mr Bobbie Johnson has done a much better job than me - so go read them over there.

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