02 ottobre 2010

L'arte del suono premiata a Phonurgia Nova

Marc Jacquin, fondatore di Phonurgia Nova, mi ha appena inviato il bando del prestigioso concorso internazionale che ogni anno premia le migliori produzioni di arte sonora e creazione radiofonica. Ricordo che l'edizione 2009 è stata vinta da Alessandro Bosetti, sound artist italiano che ho intervistato in passato. C'è ancora tempo fino al 15 ottobre per sottoporre le opere alla giuria. Riporto qui le istruzioni essenziali e gli obiettivi di questo importante concorso. Sul sito curato dal Musée Réattu di Arles, Transradio.org, una "camera di ascolto" permette di sondare la suggestiva varietà di questi lavori.

Sound is art)))

Phonurgia Nova awards 2010
deadline :15 october

The Loud-speaker is probably the greatest common denominator in all our lives to-day. Video, multimedia, car radios, mobile phones are all crafting a new life for sound. In all domains sound is an objet of research, of reflexion.
It is essential to open up creative, imaginative spaces for sound.
And to encourage people to listen.
Christian Leblé, chairman.

#01 Background
Among the prizes awarded for radio and acoustic art, the Phonurgia Nova competition has, since 1986, occupied a special place by virtue of its recognition of artists whose work exploits sound as a medium for expressing the real and the imaginary. The contest is open to all radio station formats and to all authors, independant radio producers, musicians, composers, sound artists and production teams. An international jury panel made up of representatives from the radio industry, the press and the sound art world judge the entries. Last year, 179 productions from 11 different countries were entered in the prize.

#02 Call for Works
This year's competition will distinguish authors whose work manifests a keen sense of sound and listening as means of expression.
The jury will deliberate on two areas :
++ Radio Arts will privilege all forms of inventive radio (documentary, feature, fiction, essays, Hörspiel, experimental forms etc.)
++ New Media awards will go to "sound installations" or works which have been specially created for "inter media environment" to bring new experiences in sound to listeners.

In each category the jury will deliberate on two types of work :
1)completed productions

#03 How to apply
The competition is open to all artists without exception and for any work produced later than 2007, regardless of language, format, duration or genre.
Each work or project submitted must be accompanied by a separate registration form, filled out in English or in French, and must be sent on a separate CD or other digital medium.

An application form is available in PDF format from the link below

#04 Prizes
The jury will award: one Radio Arts prize and one New Media prize and 4 000 euros and two artist's residencies at GRM/INA and GMVL, (two famous sound art centers located in Paris and Lyon). The main selective criterion remains the expression of an original artistic vision. At least 4 works will be selected for presentation in Arles in the Museum for Contemporary Art Musée Réattu in the next year. Additional prizes could be given at this time. The Jury decisions are not subject to appeal.

#05 Deadlines
Applicants are asked to submit their productions by October 15, 2010 (date as postmark)
Results will be announced on December 12, 2010, at the end of the Festival of listening.

# 06 A listening room
An online "listening room" on www.transradio.org enable visitors to have access to some previous selected works.

# 08 Sound archives
All the materials received at the Phonurgia Nova contest will constitue a permanent archive of audio works. This archive will be opened to the public.

# 09 Send
Entry form and submissions must be received at the address below :

Phonurgia Nova Awards
39, rue Genive
13200 Arles

# 10 Further information
rules and registration : www.phonurgia.org (in french, english and german)

For further information about this competition, please feel free to contact the Phonurgia Nova office in Arles :
tél. + 33 (0) 4 90 93 79 79
fax. + 33 (0) 4 90 93 86 23

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