09 aprile 2008

Radiopaq, radio e podcasting minuto per minuto

Online in stealth mode dal mese scorso. Annunciato in beta ufficiale solo lunedì 7 aprile, ma grazie a Francesco "Segugio" Delucia, sono in grado di consigliarvi una visita al portale Radiopaq, nuova interfaccia alle migliori stazioni radio di tutto il mondo. Coi loro podcast. Ideazione, software e design sono indiani e britannici. Una combinazione perfetta. Radiopaq è davvero semplice, elegante, gratuito e ompatibile con Safari. Go for it.

Radiopaq: Leading the Internet Radio Revolution

April 2008: Internet radio search engine brings you the best stations and shows from around the world, all on one simple site...

Radio is the transmission of signals, by modulation of electromagnetic waves with frequencies below those of visible light. Electromagnetic radiation travels by means of oscillating electromagnetic fields that pass through the air and the vacuum of space. Definition of radio: Wikipedia, April 2008

You’ll be glad to hear that it’s not so complicated anymore... Having received brilliant feedback since going live in beta last month, from footie supporters away from home to the British soldiers abroad, Radiopaq is now better than ever. With new additions to the site, the radio search engine goes beyond music to bring you all the radio content you want, absolutely free – and it couldn’t be simpler to use. Honest. And now, Mac users can join in the fun too. At Radiopaq.com, you’ll find thousands of radio stations as well as a host of podcasts and a dedicated news service: the free portal has been designed to help you find exactly what you want to hear, when and how you want to hear it. As well as increasing the number of available radio stations by more than 35% in the past month (with more being added every single day), an improved layout enables users to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.
A feedback button has also been added, as we’d love users to let us know about any new or niche stations that we haven’t yet added to the library. Most importantly, the new developments to the site have made Radiopaq far more interactive, allowing for a more personal experience. ‘Since it went live last month, we have worked really hard on Radiopaq to make the experience of internet radio both extremely simple and very personal,’ says Prash Vadgama, President of Radiopaq. ‘Developments to the site mean that finding the kind of radio station you want to hear is easier than ever before, and those who choose to register with Radiopaq for free will be able to personalise their pages by highlighting the podcasts and stations they love most – whenever they return to Radiopaq, their page will be exactly as they left it, with all their favourites ready to play. To put it simply, anyone who visits Radiopaq.com can listen to the thousands of stations and shows from around the world, quickly and easily.’
Finding brilliant radio stations, from well-known international to niche, independent channels, is now more straightforward thanks to Radiopaq’s predictive station search: by typing in just a few letters of the station you’re looking for, stations will appear on your screen for you to choose from. Updates to the site also mean that, if you’re searching for a particular music genre in a certain country but aren’t having any luck, Radiopaq will always suggest something from another country that you might enjoy.
And of course, anyone who wants to personalise their Radiopaq page can register for free, and save these new stations as personal favourites. Another great thing about registering to Radiopaq is that when you highlight particular podcasts as favourites, the latest editions will always be waiting for you when you log in. And so that we can provide a variety of views on the latest news, Radiopaq offers podcasts from some of the best sources in the world, including the BBC, CNN and Sky News.
Of course, for those who don’t wish to register with Radiopaq just yet, all audio content and news services remain free of charge. Radiopaq Snapshot also includes detailed weather and traffic information. Search by location or road number in order to find out about the most up to date conditions – or, if you’re a registered user, Radiopaq will automatically provide you with the details for your area. Registered users are also given the option to monitor this info for two other locations, an extra feature that’s perfect for anyone with a second home or alternative business address. Just like ordinary radio, Radiopaq provides news, traffic and weather services – the difference is that, with Radiopaq, all the information is ready when you want it.
Radiopaq is Mac compatible with Safari browser.

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