16 aprile 2008

Qui, si ascolta la radio

Sta già cominciando a dare i primi frutti la campagna Radio Heard Here ("qui si ascolta la radio") coordinata dalla National Association of Broadcasters, dal Radio Advertising Bureau e dalla HD Digital Radio Alliance, per rivitalizzare l'immagine del mezzo radiofonico lievemente appannata in questo generale clima di ubriacatura nei confronti di Internet e dell'MP3.
Alla base di Radio Heard Here c'è un sito Web che offre una possibilità molto interessante. Grazie alla electronic program guide (EPG) di Radio Time.com, un portale che dà accesso a circa 50 mila stazioni radio presenti online, i visitatori di www.radioheardhere.com possono farsi un'idea immediata dell'offerta radiofonica nella rispettiva area geografica, con la lista dei programmi trasmessi in quel momento. CNET ha ripreso la notizia di questa iniziativa con un articolo su News.com. Altre due risorse di Radio Heard Here sono i blog Radio Creative e Radio 2020.

RadioTime, Inc., a developer of technology for finding and listening to more than 50,000 AM/FM radio stations online, today announced its technology has been integrated into the Web site for the National Association of Broadcasters’ Radio Heard Here™ campaign. Visitors to www.RadioHeardHere.com automatically see a scan of their local radio “dial” including now playing programs and a play button. The widget has a link to RadioTime’s electronic program guide covering radio across the globe.
Radio Heard Here is an unprecedented communication and outreach initiative made possible by a partnership among the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) and HD Digital Radio Alliance. The goal of the campaign is to reinvigorate the medium of radio. Radio Heard Here will underscore the broadening versatility of radio’s content, the pioneering innovation of its technology and the continuing relevance of the medium in Americans’ lives.
“The technology RadioTime offers is a great example of how the industry is competing as a medium by adapting, innovating, investing and responding to a changing world,” said NAB President and CEO David K. Rehr. “With this campaign, we want to remind all consumers of the numerous innovations taking place in radio – we’re not hiding from technology, we’re driving it. Streaming is a great example of that; radio has become a leading source for music on the Internet, investing millions of dollars in streaming technology to make radio accessible online.”
RadioTime’s unique online RadioGuide provides listeners with a quick and easy way to find radio content from 50,000 stations and 100,000 local and syndicated shows airing around the world. Listeners can search for a specific station or program or browse by genre or location to easily see what is available for their tastes, locations, connections, and the times of day.
“Radio is your companion delivering content for every setting. The industry is embracing new technologies like RadioTime that make it easy to enjoy radio anywhere there are speakers or headphones,” says Bill Moore, CEO of RadioTime. “A primary strength of radio is the wide variety of entertainment, news and programming that is readily available and free for listeners, and RadioTime makes that variety easily accessible to listeners on their computers and new network music players with radio built-in such as the Linksys DMA 2200 Media Center Extender and the Logitech Squeezebox Duet, Logitech Squeezebox and Logitech Transporter network music players.”

About RadioTime

RadioTime is the leading radio tuner that powers Internet services and devices by connecting them to radio broadcast DJs, talk personalities, and sports programming. Listeners easily access free, live, local, and global radio programming through RadioTime service. Its service enhances other products and services by powering them with thousands of radio channels and programming. RadioTime, founded in 2002, is based in Dallas, Texas. More information is available at www.radiotime.com.

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