01 marzo 2008

Zimbabwe, il divo delle soap passa alla radio

Bellissima questa storia di un attore televisivo, molto popolare in Zimbabwe per la telenovela "Studio 263", che porta il suo personaggio verso una soap radiofonica su ZBC. In "Hurudza" (da quanto ho capito significa "la fattoria"), l'attore e cantante Neverney Chinyanga, istruirà i suoi connazionali coltivatori sui vantaggi della meccanizzazione dell'agricoltura.

Chinyanga goes into radio drama
By Richmore Tera PROLIFIC actor Nevernay Chinyanga popular for his role as Muwengwa in television soap Studio 263 has ventured into radio.

His makes his debut with a Radio Zimbabwe drama titled Hurudza, written and sponsored by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.
The drama is part of efforts by the central bank to step up awareness and the prudent use of farming resources among farmers who have benefited under the ongoing Farm Mechanisation Programme.
As the title suggests, one of the major themes behind Hurudza is to encourage farmers to harvest productively in order to feed the nation.
The drama revolves around Muwengwa’s family who after having benefited from the land redistribution and mechanisation programmes — a plot and farming implements — find themselves having to contend with numerous challenges such as jealousy from neighbours, thefts by employees, among others. There is also a clique of good-for-nothing farmers who abuse the resources they acquired under these schemes.
For example, listeners cannot afford but laugh their lungs out with one character portraying a beneficiary who uses his tractor as public transport to ferry commuters to and from their destinations to make money instead of using it for framing purposes.
There are also workers who spend their time on drinking binges, thanks to money earned from the sale of stolen fertilizers, insecticides and other inputs.
The drama, flighted every evening, is enriched by Muwengwa’s characteristic trademark humour and Shona language rich in idioms. Ever since making his TV debut in Studio 263, Muwengwa has become a veritable jack of all trades.
Apart from Studio 263, he has also starred in another television production, Tiriparwendo, where he endeared himself with viewers. Chinyanga has also made waves on the music scene. Matinetsa, taken off his 2006 album Pashambira Mweni, is one of his best compositions to date.

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