05 marzo 2008

L'Olanda riscopre le onde medie

Per una nazione come il Canada, che abbandona gradualmente le onde medie, l'Olanda ha appena rilasciato licenze a vecchie e nuove stazioni nella storica banda tra 529 e 1602 kHz. Anche il Belgio, tra l'altro, ha appena deciso di consentire all'ente pubblico VRT di sospendere le trasmissioni su tre frequenze in onde medie (540, 1188 e 1512 kHz) e non si sa se questi canali verranno riassegnati. Questo è quanto comunicato da Media Network l'altro giorno a proposito delle nuove stazioni olandesi.

The winners of the five regional Dutch mediumwave licences advertised in November 2007 have been announced. Two have been awarded to Crosspoints BV, the company that owns Arrow Classic Rock and Arrow Jazz FM. This has caused great surprise in the Netherlands, given that Arrow recently relinquished the high power channel of 675 kHz. The company isn’t saying what it plans to do with the frequencies, but a spokesperson told the website RadioFreak.nl that “internally we do have an idea what we’re going to do with them, but I can’t yet say anything.”
The frequency of 1485 kHz has been awarded to Radio Marina, an oldies station. The frequency was advertised for a single transmitter in The Hague, but on its website Radio Marina says it plans to operate two transmitters serving South Holland and Flevoland. The first transmitter is scheduled to start broadcasting on 9 March.
Almere 1224 kHz has gone to Stichting Radika, which currently broadcasts on FM from Rotterdam under the name Radio Amor. Finally, Amsterdam 1557 kHz has been awarded to Stichting BKB3, which currently operates Magic FM in Amsterdam and Alkmaar.

In summary, these are the new stations:

* Heinenoord 828 kHz 20 kW (day) and 5 kW (night): Crosspoints BV (Arrow): not yet in operation
* Echt 1035 kHz 10 kW: Crosspoints BV (Arrow): not yet in operation
* Almere 1224 kHz 40 kW (day) and 20 kW (night): Stichting Radika (Radio Amor): not yet in operation
* Location unconfirmed 1485 kHz 1 kW: Radio Marina (due to launch 9 March)
* Tilburg 1485 kHz 1 kW: Radio Marina (future plans)
* Amsterdam 1557 kHz 1 kW: Stichting BKB3 (Magic FM): not yet in operation

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