01 ottobre 2008

La radio WiMax per ora è solo militare

Vedremo mai un sistema di distribuzione di contenuti radiofonici attraverso infrastrutture puramente IP come WiMax o Wi-Fi? Chi vincerà tra i modelli broadcast e multicast?
Intanto WiMax viene sperimentato per le applicazioni militari tattiche, sui campi di battaglia simulati. Selex Communications, società del gruppo Finmeccanica, ha testato con successo, in Germania nel luglio scorso, il suo sistema WRS504-N WiMax Tactical Radio destinato all'esercito tedesco, ottenendo connessioni dati punto-multipunto da 1 megabps su distanze di 8 chilometri in condizioni non-Line of sight.
SELEX Communications WiMAX Tactical Radios successfully tested by the German Armed Forces

SELEX Communications military WiMAX Tactical Radios were successfully tested last July by the Joint Forces Support Group (JSFG) in Rheinbach, Germany.Germany’s Armed Forces are currently looking at wireless broadband solutions to connect and distribute information from multiple sources in the field, to one central location and SELEX Communications’ WRS504-N WiMAX Tactical Radio successfully proved their broadband point-to-multipoint wireless transmission performance during a series of tests.
The first field trials took place in the Nienburg district in Lower Saxony, Germany and aimed to verify the equipment’s ease of use and performance. During this trial a base station was installed in a shelter and connected via a mast (25m) to an omni-directional antenna. Two Terminal units (CPE) were installed in vehicles equipped with directional antenna. Test results – as well as this technique - exceeded the expectations of JSFG’s officials who remained impressed by LOS (line-of-sight ) test results, and even more, by the results of NLOS (non-line-of-sight) links.
The second series of tests were focused to measure the reliability of data transmission and were conducted in Greding by the German MoD certification agency, the WTD81. During this session WTD81 monitored the performance of seven separate links, with different geographical profiles (LOS and NLOS) in a PMP scenario. For example in one LOS-Link the system transmitted very reliable 2 Mbps over a distance of 18,5 km. Perhaps the most impressive of all results, was the fact that even in a non-line-of-sight link, with a distance of 8 km, the system showed a stable transmission speed of 1 Mbps.

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