28 ottobre 2007

Radiophonic, festival di radiofonia creativa

Ancora una volta grazie a Jorge e al suo A Rádio em Portugal, per una notizia riguardante un curioso festival di una libera associazione di stazioni radio libere e webradio, Radia Network.
Radiophonic 2007 si sta svolgendo in questi giorni, in queste ore, fino alle 20 italiane di stasera, quando la maniferstazione si chiuderà con una kermesse di programmi concatenati e diffusi via etere dalle stazioni del circuito Radia e via Internet. Ecco il programma (come si vede, nessuna rappresentanza dall'Italia):

Radioactive Radiophony by RADIA network

sunday 28/10 - 20:00

From New York to Lisbon, the radio stations of the creative network RADIA will make a live broadcast of the performances taking place at the festival’s venue. The contributions from abroad will be «contaminated» by artists on stage, in Brussels. This collective performance in real-time will be introduced by Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington (Resonance104.4fm, Mobile Radio), Pierre De Jaeger (acsr, Radio swap, Radio Campus), Etienne Noiseau (acsr, Radio Grenouille), Ricardo Reis (Radio Zero) and DinahBird.

With stream from:
20:20 - Rádio Zero (Lisbon, PT): Paulo Raposo
20:40 - Radio Corax (Halle, DE): Ralf Wendt + Udo Israel
21:00 - Radio Grenouille (Marseille, FR): Tante Hortense + Eddy Godeberge
21:40 - Lemurie TAZ (Praha, CZ): Jan Dufek, Ladin Zelezny, Stana Abraham + Milos Vojtechovsky
22:20 - Backyard Radio (Berlin, DE): Diana McCarty + Pit Schultz
23:00 - Resonance104.4fm (London, UK): Piers Gibbon
23:20 - free103point9 (New York, US): Sophea Lerner with Ravi Agarwal
Questo è invece un breve testo di presentazione dell'intero festival, iniziato venerdì 25. Sul sito Web ufficiale si trovano molte informazioni.

Radiophonic 2007
‘Les rencontres de l’atelier de création sonore radiophonique’

A radio in the making: ephemeral, live and on the air 24 hours a day from 25th until 28th of October 2007

Taking the radio station as its starting point, the festival opens on the « post - radiophonic »: an attempt at apprehending new kinds of expressions in sound and radio-art, which are propagating beyond a desire for control, propaganda or discourse. This is a radio inventing itself; in which the three genres of radiophonic art – fiction, documentary, sound art – are approached in their pure or porous forms, through the theme of contamination.

The Radiophonic Festival 2007 offers a laboratory space for radio-artists, those who capture sound, broadcast it on the airwaves as much as for artists of all disciplines, poets, animators, activists, scientists and the amateurs.

If the specificity of sound is to propagate freely, it sometimes does this, despite ourselves. At Radiophonic, both hertzian and Web radio will be the transmitting medium of sonorous viruses, which all kinds of creation, from literature to music, theatre, dance or the visual arts appropriate in order to parasite them and transform them.

Radio is in full mutation; it is an extravagant and plethoric wave unfolding before our eyes and particularly in our ears. « Without much noise, with its elegance and natural discretion, radio is experiencing its revolution».

Radiophonic Collectif

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