24 ottobre 2007

OFCOM, il futuro della radio deve attendere

Doveva uscire a fine ottobre il condensato delle risposte pervenute al britannico Ofcom dopo l'avvio della consultazione sul futuro della radio (sul piatto anche l'eventualità di una data da fissare per lo switch off dell'analogico). E invece, riporta il MediaGuardian, la mole dei "contributi arrivati in redazione" ha costretto i funzionari dell'authority più autorevole che c'è a rimandare la pubblicazione agli ultimi giorni del 2007. Chissà che cosa emergerà dal sondaggio. E se davvero gli inglesi decidessero lo spegnimento dell'analogico?
Ofcom radio report hit by delays

John Plunkett
Tuesday October 23, 2007

Radio bosses will have to wait longer than expected for Ofcom's keenly anticipated vision for the future of the industry after it was hit by delays that will take it beyond this month. The results of Ofcom's Future of Radio consultation were due to be published by the end of October. However, the volume of feedback has meant the publication has been delayed until the "back end" of 2007. The regulator said it had received more than 140 responses to its consultation document, which was published in April this year.
The proposals will play a key role in the future regulation of the industry, including ownership rules, the provision of locally produced programming, and the possible switch-off of the analogue radio signal. Ofcom has opened the door to further deregulation, but commercial radio bosses have said the proposals do not go far enough. An Ofcom spokeswoman said: "Ofcom intends to publish its statement on the future of radio before the end of the year. "Ofcom received over 140 responses to its consultation earlier this year. Extra time has been required to give due consideration to the high volume of responses."
The next set of radio listening figures will be published by Rajar on Thursday.

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