05 settembre 2008

USA, la destra radiofonica infiamma la campagna

La stampa americana (e la tedesca TAZ) continuano a dedicare una mole impressionante di commenti all'influenza dei paladini ultraconservatori della destra radiofonica sul risultato finale delle elezioni presidenziali Usa. Dopo le polemiche tra i vari Limbaugh e Hannity da un lato e i media "mainstream" (tutti schierati a favore di Obama secondo i conduttori degli innumerevoli talk show repubblicani) sulla governatrice dell'Alaska Sarah Palin, già ribattezzata "la Margaret Thatcher americana", e il suo ruolo di madre e politica, ora tutti si chiedono se la campagna guidata dalla sprezzante radiofonia della contrapposizione possa sospingere il candidato Mc Cain verso la presidenza. Ecco tre citazioni da Washington Post, Politico.com e infine il rimando al lungo articolo che la TAZ ha dedicato proprio a Rush Limbaugh e al potente network ClearChannel.

From the Radio Right Comes an Amen Chorus for Palin

By Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, September 5, 2008

ST. PAUL, Minn., Sept. 4 -- Dennis Prager was on the air last week on the day Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was named to the Republican ticket, and without missing a beat, the conservative radio host pronounced her "an American Margaret Thatcher."
Her speech to the convention, Prager said Thursday during a break in his program, "just reconfirmed my love at first sight." Across the table, Sen. Orrin Hatch was slipping on the headphones to join him and immediately went on offense when he went on the air.
"I've really been offended by how the mainstream media have tried to smear her by attacking, in essence, her daughter," the Utah Republican said. "It was pathetic. It was hitting below the belt. It was despicable."


Can conservative talk radio stop Obama?

Sean Hannity, like his conservative talk radio brethren, doesn’t mince words when describing coverage of the presidential campaign.

“The mainstream media, or journalism as we once knew it,” he recently said by phone, “died in 2008.”
If Hannity is right, his listeners won’t be mourning its passing. The mainstream media — that perennial whipping boy of the right — is being knocked around even more this cycle by radio hosts convinced that the press holds a soft spot for Barack Obama.
The top talkers and their legions of listeners have countered with a harsher take. Long before fiery clips of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright made the rounds on YouTube or former Weatherman William Ayers was featured in a question in a Democratic primary debate, Hannity had been spreading the gospel against Obama on ABC Radio Networks’ “Sean Hannity Show.” Other talk radio hosts have played Obama’s “bitter” comments on an endless loop, dissected his wife’s comments for any hint of elitism or anti-American sentiment and expounded on how the Democratic candidate is the greatest Marxist since, well, Karl Marx.


US-Hörfunkunternehmen Clear Channel
Der Radio-Aktiv-Konzern

Rush Limbaugh ist wegen seiner Politkampagnen der umstrittenste US-Radiomoderator. Hinter ihm steht der mit den Bushs vernetzte Konzern Clear Channel.

In der Fernsehnation trumpft ein Radio-Star auf: Rush Limbaugh. Jede Woche lauschen knapp 20 Millionen Amerikaner dem unbestritten umstrittensten König des politischen Talk-Radios. Der Konzern Clear Channel verkauft den Polterer, der wahlweise als "Serienlügner" oder Moralphilosoph", als "Herz der Konservativen" oder "Arsch der Liberalen" gilt, landesweit an knapp 600 lokale Stationen.
In Wahlkampfzeiten dreht der 57-Jährige noch mehr auf. Zum Beispiel mit der "Operation Chaos", mit der Limbaugh seine konservative Gefolgschaft animierte, in den demokratischen Vorwahlen für Hillary Clinton zu stimmen. Das, erklärte er täglich drei Stunden live, sei eine vortreffliche Art, das "liberale Pack" gegeneinander aufzuhetzen und den Clinton-Rivalen Barack Obama derart zu beschädigen, dass er im November leichter zu schlagen sei.

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