10 gennaio 2011

Asteroid, la car (Internet) radio parla Android e 3G

L'auto connessa è una delle nuove frontiere esplorate al CES di Las Vegas, dove l'europea Parrot ha presentato un concept per il car entertainment - una vera e propria autoradio ibrida che mescola funzionalità di app, Web radio, navigatore, sistema vivavoce e player mp3 - che verrà concretizzato in un prodotto commerciale nei prossimi mesi. L'autoradio del futuro prossimo si chiama Asteroid, un centro di riproduzione multimediale che utilizza il sistema operativo Android ed è basato su interfacce e supporti tipicamente digitali: USB, iPod dock, SD Card, e Bluetooth A2DP oltre alla sezione radiofonica AM/FM convenzionale e naturalmente la possibilità di "sintonizzarsi" sulle Web radio e gli altri stream di Internet con una chiavetta 3G o utilizzando il telefono cellulare come modem, via connessione Bluetooth. Parrot ha messo a frutto con Asteroid la sua nota capacità di gestione dei comandi vocali: oltre ad annunciare il nome di artisti e brani, Asteroid può essere pilotato con la voce e funziona anche sistema telefonico vivavoce. Il nuovo prodotto Parrot è anche una piattaforma di sviluppo di applicazioni mobili.

Press release
CES Las Vegas, January 6, 2011

Parrot ASTEROID, The new generation of connected car receiver

Parrot ASTEROID , the latest offspring from Parrot -- one of the leaders in wireless peripherals for mobile phones -- is a car receiver combining advanced hands-free telephony, connection to web services, access to innovative applications and multi-source music listening.

Easy access to new services

Parrot ASTEROID is a car receiver working on Android operating system. Once connected to a GPS dongle (provided with the product) and a 3G key (not provided), it enables to access services like:

"Parrot Maps" is a cartography service enabling the identification of streets and businesses close to the vehicle. With a zoom on the address, the user can dial, hands-free, the indicated phone number or plan an itinerary. Other services, such as finding parking or gas stations.

Traffic and construction alerts.

Parrot ASTEROID will be regularly enriched with new services aiming at making the road more manageable for drivers.

Multi-source and hands-free music listening

Parrot ASTEROID enables listening to music from various sources: USB key, iPhone/iPod, MP3 player, SD card and now web radio stations (thanks to 3G). Musical files can also be sent on the car receiver from a mobile phone and via Bluetooth stereo A2DP. Parrot ASTEROID offers the functionality of traditional
car receiver like tuner FM/AM and RDS text+ service.

Musical voice search
Pushing a dedicated button on the Parrot ASTEROID pronounces the name of an artist or an album without using the textual search or the wheel button to navigate in the menu. If the artist or album is not found in the peripheral(s) connected to ASTEROID and if a 3G key is connected to it, a search will be automatically done on online musical libraries.

The excellence of hands-free telephony

Compatible with all the brands of Bluetooth mobile phones, Parrot ASTEROID offers advanced functionality of hands-free telephony. Paired with a mobile phone (two telephones can be simultaneously connected), it synchronizes and automatically updates its phonebook. Access to the phonebook can be done without any manipulation thanks to voice synthesis (Text-To-Speech) and training-free, multi-user voice recognition. Drivers only have to pronounce the name of a contact then dialing is automatic and the conversation will be diffused on the audio system of the car. No manipulation is required with incoming calls: drivers just have to say ‘accept” or “reject”.

A minimalist and elegant design

Deep black with backlight buttons, Parrot ASTEROID integrates itself perfectly in all interiors.

• Detachable, the left part is equipped with a magnetic guiding system for an easy and fast insertion of the faceplate. Discreet buttons give access to the main functionality of hands-free telephony or music listening, and a rotary button facilitates the navigation of the menus.

• The right part is a large 3.2” TFT color screen which displays all information: phonebook, menus, music, playlist, album covers, internet applications and services. The reduced depth of

Parrot ASTEROID facilitates the installation in standard head unit location and is compatible with all cars equipped with 1 DIN module.


Parrot ASTEROID is equipped with:
- 3 high speed USB ports to connect a 3G key, a USB key and/or the provided GPS antenna ;
- 1 full speed USB port dedicated to iPhone® or iPod®
- 1 jack cable to connect an MP3 player
- 1 SD card reader
- 2 pairs of RCA pre-amp outputs
- 1 pair of RCA for subwoofer

Price and availability

Recommended retail price: To be announced
1st Quarter 2011: France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Benelux
2nd Quarter 2011: United States
Technical Specifications: http://www.parrot.com/usa/products/bluetooth-car-stereos

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