07 settembre 2010

Philips all'IFA mette l'FM nei gadget più avanzati

E' una specie di anti-iPod Touch con sistema operativo Android. Devo dire che non mi dispiace l'approccio utilizzato da Philips per il suo nuovo MP4 Player presentato all'IFA di Berlino, GoGear Connect. Molti i formati audio/video supportati, interfaccia a sfioramento, connettività WiFi, localizzazione GPS integrata... E una radio FM con RDS (ma perché solo 20 preset di memoria in uno scatolo da 16 GB di Ram?). Il tutto a un prezzo suggerito di 250 euro.


Berlin, Germany – Philips introduces the next step in the future of MP4 players. The new Philips GoGear Connect is the first Wi-Fi enabled MP4 player to offer a great Android experience. It comes pre-installed with Google MobileTM applications and thousands more can be downloaded from Android Market, providing endless entertainment. Coupled with the superb sound experience that Philips GoGear players are known for, the GoGear Connect is a standout product.
The combination of Philips’ patented FullSound technology and sound isolation earphones that block out background noise provides a superbly clear and detailed music experience even in noisy surroundings. With Surround for Movies, prepare to immerse yourself in the action and experience cinematic movie sounds while you are on the go.
Philips GoGear Connect’s 3.2’’ touch screen lets you enjoy games, videos and more than 75000 apps from Android Market. And because Android allows you to multi-task between different applications, you never have to choose: listen to music while browsing the internet or check your location using its Google MapsTM for mobile and GPS capabilities – all at the same time.
For effortless accessibility, GoGear Connect comes with Philips Songbird, an easy-to-use program that makes syncing music from your PC hassle-free. Using Bluetooth the player allows you to stream audio or share files. It even has a built-in camera for you to shoot videos and pictures.
A MicroSD card slot gives you expandable memory to scale up the amount of music, movies, and apps you want on your player. At 128 grams, the device is ultra light and measures 113x12.6x59 mm.
Philips GoGear Connect will be available in Western Europe and USA from the end of September 2010. The recommended retail price is EUR 249 for the 16GB version.

A Berlino Philips ha presentato anche Streamium, micro-hifi con funzionalità di Internet Radio (il database di emittenti è quello di Radio Time) e anche qui una bella radio FM.


Berlin, Germany – RadioTime, the world’s leading provider of applications for finding and listening to radio online, is now available on Philips products such as NetTV and Streamium, giving you an endless choice of content from over 40,000 TV and radio sources with utter simplicity.
Philips welcomes RadioTime as strategic partner for powering internet radio across its range of Streamium and NetTV products. RadioTime makes internet radio simple and reliable for everyone, which is why lovers of varied radio content all over the world make RadioTime their choice every day. RadioTime provides an easy means of finding local, national, or global radio programming airing on stations in 140 countries and broadcasting in 55 different languages.
Adding the RadioTime Guide to Philips' connected product lines provides users with access to the unique programs and on-air personalities that only radio can offer – the wide variety of music, sports, news and talk airing worldwide from sources ranging from national networks such as ESPN, NPR and the BBC to their hometown stations.
Thanks to RadioTime there are over 20,000 free internet radio stations available now on Philips Streamium range of products. For Philips NetTV, the RadioTime app lets users stream a world of radio and TV shows straight to their television set, so they can enjoy the sights and sounds on the big screen.

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